Power Cords and Wire Harnessing

Pvc Insulated Cables

Electric Ceiling Fan

Pvc Compound and Pvc Master Batches

Plastic moulded components

Bare copper and Bare Aluminium


Our client’s satisfaction is the most meaningful measurement of our success and our most powerful resource for continued growth.

We are having two licenses from Bureau of Indian Standards to mark our products electric ceiling fan with IS:374 and Pvc Insulated wires and Cables with IS:694 which itself symbolizes trust with quality.

We have always attached highest degree of dedication to maintain the quality of our product while offering most competitive rates to our customers. we have satisfied customers all over the map of India with also clients in other countries like Sri Lanka, Dubai, etc.

We are having in-house full-fledged testing laboratory to test our products for Indian Standards and also as per required parameters of Customer. To maintain quality of our products and reduce dependence on outside sourcing, we have in-house drawing and annealing of conductors. Due to this we can draw conductor to any size as per the customer requirement ranging from maximum to minimum diameter.

Earlier we have started compounding of PVC to maintain quality of Pvc Insulated Wires & Cables by using good quality Pvc Compound manufactured for own consumption but later we started it commercially for various products confirming to various standards from different fields.

Each and every electric ceiling fan is run through the conveyor and then through testing chamber where every piece is tested and passed only after passing certain parameters.

Only Pure electrolytic enameled copper is used in the winding of motor to have long life of fan, Aluminum covers to have light weight, double ball bearing to have smooth running of fan and Aluminum blades to have wider spread to air.

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